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    Gucci Pucci

    My name is Gucci Pucci. I am a 6 year old stylish Pomeranian. I like to look my best and I think your pet fashionista should too. I do so by wearing a different tie every day! For my fancy male friends, I have many different t-shirts and tie styles to choose from. And for all my Bitches out there, I have cute t-shirt and dress styles, bows, and hats. For all you cool Katz I have several different types of sunglasses to choose from. And I have not forgotten about my sports fans, I have Jerseys for all teams, if you don’t see your favorite team, just ask. Also you can email my mommy and ask her to add rhinestones to any outfit you see for a small additional cost. As you can see I have trendy classy styles for both male and female dogs and cats.

    By the way….I enjoy long walks by the beach, playing fetch, eating anything I can get my paws on, and licking….lots of licking.

    Ruff Life Couture Inc only uses quality products. If you have an issue with an item style or size we have no problem exchanging the item or refunding your money. Have a PawRiffic time shopping!!


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